Lakes Region Students of Color Conference

The LRSOCC is hosted yearly by Holderness School and is designed to recognize the unique needs, experiences, and challenges of students of color in independent schools, particularly in the Lakes Region area.  Using the “unconference” style, the students participate in student driven Read More
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The Impact of Dance at White Mountain

Photo: Alli Gualin
Since 1958, dance and the performing arts have played an influential role in the development of White Mountain students. Today, Director of Dance, Dinah Gray, believes in dance as a vehicle for student success and wholistic growth. The White Mountain School hosts a professional dance Read More
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The Value of Field Course

Is the classroom the only place in which to learn? We don’t think so. Field Courses at The White Mountain School demonstrate our commitment to learning outside the classroom. Students at White Mountain immerse themselves in a week-long, off-campus Field Course each semester. These unique Read More
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Essential Skills and Habits: Project Block

We embrace experiential education. We believe students -- no, humans! - are wired to learn, and we believe that learning is relational. We inspire our students to see learning opportunities everywhere, not just within a four-walled classroom, and we do this through our commitment and focus Read More
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Classroom Spotlight: Anatomy and Physiology

On Thursday, September 20, Gabe Boisseau’s Anatomy and Physiology class took to the trails to put their new learning to practice. Class began promptly with a review of blood pressure. Students explained that the top number on a blood pressure reading is called systolic while the bottom Read More
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Essential Skills and Habits: Continuously Building Faculty Expertise

Teachers teaching teachers! There is no better form of professional development and that is exactly what we are doing. Twice a month, teachers meet in small interdisciplinary teams to workshop one another’s curriculum. What catalyzed this commitment to have faculty give up one free Read More
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Orientation Trips: Building Community

On Monday, September 3, twelve Orientation Trips piled into the White Mountain buses and caravans to embark on three-day adventures all over Northern New Hampshire. Orientation serves as a way to introduce students to The White Mountain School experience, while breaking the ice and making Read More
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Essential Skills and Habits: An Addition, not a Change

Yesterday in the middle of a busy opening day– between setting up dorm rooms, finalizing schedules, meeting advisors and dorm parents, and getting ready for three days of orientation trips — families came to learn more about the academic program at White Mountain. Because not everyone Read More
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Student Summer Plans: Taggart Cole ’20

Taggart Cole started climbing when he was three years old at Carter Rock in Maryland. Growing up, he spent time visiting relatives in the foothills of the Wind River Range of Wyoming where he became an avid rock climber. Learn more about how White Mountain has impacted Taggart’s climbing Read More
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