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Student Ambassador Profile: EJ Rimerman ’19

As a Student Ambassador, you are often the first White Mountain student that visitors meet. What do you enjoy about this important role? I really love this school and I think that this community is totally unique. Throughout my three years here, I’ve led tours for over 40 families, and Read More
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Inquiry and Innovation Lab

The White Mountain School is excited to announce the addition of the Inquiry and Innovation Lab to the Wing. This project will be completed to honor the service of outgoing Head of School Tim Breen and Director of Development & Alumnae/i, Julie Yates. Throughout their combined tenure Read More
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White Mountain Welcomes Mike Peller

  Please join us in welcoming Mike Peller, White Mountain’s new Assistant Head for Teaching and Learning! Mike comes to The White Mountain School from The Nueva School (CA) where he most recently served as Assistant Head of the Upper School. Mike is passionate about his work as a Read More
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Commencement Address by Grace Ochieng ’08

"To whom much is given, much is required. It was really a privilege for a girl like me to be able to attend White Mountain and I am forever grateful for that opportunity. I have not only made lifetime friends, but above all, I was able to fulfill my mother’s dream of pursuing education." Read More
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Celebrating the Class of 2018

A bright blue summer day welcomed students, families, friends, faculty, staff and trustees to celebrate the Class of 2018 on June 2. The graduating class was addressed by accomplished alumna, Grace Ochieng ’08, who reflected on how having access to education, along with her time spent Read More
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The underrated gift of curiosity

'Schools are missing what matters about learning.' The Atlantic writes an interesting article on how curiosity is continually being underemphasized in the classroom. At White Mountain, we understand the power of student-driven inquiry. Students harness the power of their curiosity while Read More
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Summer plans: Lawrence Alexander

In our latest summer series post, Director of College Counseling Lawrence Alexander discusses his summer plans as the Program Director for the College Admissions Program at Columbia University in New York City. Be sure to follow our blog this summer to learn what other students and faculty Read More
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Ted Radio Hour: From Curiosity to Discovery

At The White Mountain School we believe that true education should do more than inform; it should inspire. We understand the power of student-driven inquiry and harnessing curiosity. Our culture of inquiry and small class sizes help students develop the skills and habits for success and Read More
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Summer Plans: Wenyi Guo ’18

As the summer season begins, students and faculty embark on a whole new set of adventures outside of White Mountain. Senior Wenyi Guo talks about her summer plans to attend an intensive mathematics program below. Earlier this year Wenyi was one of only 500 students in the US to qualify Read More
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LASR Highlight

Leadership, Arts, Service and Research. Much like a laser (which actually stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation), our LASR project asks juniors and seniors to focus in on a topic of their choosing related to either Leadership, Arts, Service or Research and Read More
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