Upcoming LASR Symposium

Leadership, Arts, Service and Research. Much like a laser (which actually stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation), our LASR project asks juniors and seniors to focus in on a topic of their choosing related to either Leadership, Arts, Service or Research and write a research paper. Start with a question and see where it leads.

Research behind college success clearly shows a correlation between student success, and curiosity and engagement in their learning, skills our LASR project helps to develop. A graduation requirement, past LASR projects have included: The Chemistry of Ceramic Glazing, Fractal Geometry and the Formation of the Universe, Human Rights and Ancient Greece, Ocean Acidification and Shell Formation, and Soil Types and Plant Growth.

Twice a year students present their LASR projects to the White Mountain community at our LASR Symposium. This semester’s upcoming symposium is full of interesting topics including:

  • Education or Incarceration? The School to Prison Pipeline
  • A Study of Leadership and Collaboration through Directing
  • A Letter to Letters (a choreopoem which you can view here)
  • Alzheimer’s: The Disease of the Mind

A few students presented earlier in the semester. Senior Hannah Selhorst self-published a resource book detailing eight common mental illnesses. Her presentation focused on awareness and other preventive measures to curtail the effects of these illnesses on adolescents. Junior Zoey Feng presented her independent research project at a recent morning meeting. Her work involved implementing and adopting strategies to help influence public policy and change the harsh conditions of those living in poverty and deprived of basic human rights in Ho Chi Minh City. Read more about Zoey’s LASR project here.

Stay tuned for a LASR Symposium highlight–coming next week!


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