6 months, 6 years and 60 years

March 10th has come and gone, and many families are now working through accept offers and waitlist decisions. It can be a very stressful time if several options are still on the table. As someone who has helped families through the decision process countless times in the past, I would like to suggest considering schools from three angles: six months from now, six years from now and sixty years from now.

Six months from now will be mid-September. New students would have settled in with new roommates, new classes would have started, and new teams and activities would have been joined. Consider how each school orients and supports students with advisory programs, student leaders and administrators.

Check out our Freshman Seminar, Faculty Profile on our Academic Dean and Athletics at White Mountain.

Six years from now, students would have completed college. All boarding schools promise to prepare students for this next step. Consider the course options, the academic support and the opportunities beyond the classroom. Consider the college guidance program and the college counseling process. Review websites and alumnae/i magazines to see what the young alumnae/i of the school are doing. Does the school help prepare the student for college and beyond?

See our Focus on Student-Driven Inquiry, College Readiness and LASR Symposium posts. Read our alumnae/i magazine, Echoes, here.

Finally sixty years from now, the boarding school experience will be that of memories. Lifelong friendships would have been formed. The teams joined and leadership positions gained would have left imprints on the heart. Learn more about the White Mountain connection through Winter Community and Welcome Home posts. Be sure to come to our Revisit Days on April 1 and April 7. Visit campus to get a sense of our community!

By: Sarah Catlin, Associate Head of School for Admission and Enrollment 

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