Boarding School Admission: The Basics

“How do I begin the admission process?”
“What does a school look for in an applicant?”
“How much does the SSAT matter?”
“How do I apply for Financial Aid?”
“What if I can’t make it to campus for an interview?

During my years in Admission in varying independent schools, these are the type of questions that we, Admission professionals, hear most often. While the number of people seeking independent and boarding school education is higher than at any point in our history, there is still great mystery to the process of investigating which school may be the correct fit for a student, then applying to, being admitted at and enrolling in one of these institutions.

In the coming weeks and months, the Admission Office at The White Mountain School will be using this space to answer these questions and others that arise in an effort to better support families in their search for the best high school experience. High school is critical period in a student’s development and it should be every family’s first priority to ensure that the student is challenged and exposed to opportunities for growth. The increasingly complex number of choices for types of schools and experiences makes this a process that at times can be overwhelming and cause undue stress. It is our hope that this resource will provide families with integral support to questions they may have and also answers to some questions they may not have thought of.

I look forward to helping explain this important process, and I am also excited to provide you with an opportunity to hear from the other members of our Admission Team.

—Brad D’Arco
Director of Admission

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