How to “Meet” Your New Boarding School

Brad D’Arco, Director of Admission
Boarding school admission officers are working hard to visit you during the early months of the school year, but whether or not you have a chance to connect with them on the road you’ll want to make time to visit their schools, too. Learn more about Open House events here.
The boarding school admission cycle exists in very distinct phases. For admission officers, the period between the start of the school year and winter vacation is known as the “travel season.” It has earned that name because in these months professionals from boarding schools around the United States travel the country and world to meet with prospective candidates and we here at The White Mountain School are in the midst of a very exciting travel season.


As I write this blog entry, I am looking out of my hotel window which faces the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. I have been here for the last four days visiting schools and meeting families, and tomorrow I continue my journey through the Gulf Region making stops in Doha, Qatar and Kuwait City. Simultaneous to my trip, our Senior Associate Director of Admission, Sarah Catlin and Director of Multicultural Recruitment, Ayaka Okawa are in Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo and Seoul interviewing candidates, meeting with current families and spending time with some of our alumnae/i. As difficult as it can be to leave family and the school community for long stretches, having the opportunity to travel to these destinations is one of the great perks of being an admission professional and the task is made substantially easier when you have the opportunity to talk about a great school.


Meeting with admission officers when they come to your school, town or region of the world is a great way to learn more about an institution and can also be an opportunity to complete a required step in the application process, the interview. I would strongly encourage you to check the websites of all the schools you are interested in and review their travel calendars to see when they may be in your neighborhood.


Although meeting as admission officer during their travels can be an effective way to help you in selecting the schools you would like to apply to, the best way to truly get a sense of a school is to visit. In addition to offering tours and visits on a daily basis throughout the fall and winter, most schools will offer Open Houses as well. Open Houses can be a great introduction to a school and many times the programs offered on these days will provide a more in-depth look at all aspects of school life. Additionally, many schools will allow time during that day for you to complete your interview. While you are poking around a school’s website to check out their travel calendars, you should also look to see if and when they are offering open houses and RSVP as quickly as you can.


The White Mountain School, like many of our peer schools, offers campus visits and interviews Monday through Saturday and our Open House is scheduled for November 14th, 1pm-3pm with interview slots available before and after the program.

If we don’t have an opportunity to meet you in your hometown, we hope you’ll visit us soon at our home in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire.

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