The Alternative Application

The Alternative Application (AltApp) is a new and unique option for applying to The White Mountain School. We decided to create this option because we are a school that is invested in inquiry and engagement. These are two valuable characteristics we seek in students at WMS, so we wanted to offer a means for enabling prospective students to showcase their engagement with authentic inquiry. In the AltApp, prospective students present us wiht a completed work of authentic inquiry through an original document, photo, video, or other appropriate medium, and write three statements about the process and product. For specific information, please take a look at our Alternative Application.

Thus, you can choose whether to proceed with your application to The White Mountain School in the traditional way by submitting standardized test scores and the standard application through Gateway to Prepschools/SSAT/TABS, or by submitting the AltApp instead. We value both options equally.

That being said, it would be wise to employ some strategy in choosing the right application method for you. If you have a strong passion for something and have already completed significant work in that area of interest, the AltApp may be a good option to demonstrate your pursuits. However, if you are a curious person who hasn’t found a focus yet, but shines in the classroom and community, the traditional method with standardized test scores, grade reports, and teacher recommendations may paint a stronger picture of you as an outstanding student.

There are also different benefits accorded to different situations. Students who are applying to several boarding schools in New England will find it more convenient to use the standard application from Gateway to Prepschools, SSAT or TABS. These applications provide opportunities to display the breadth of their achievements to date in a more generalized forum. On the other hand, students who are only applying to The White Mountain School or know that WMS is the right school for them have enjoyed beginning the in-depth style of inquiry we value here at school from the application stage.

It’s ultimately up to you, the student, to decide which option to pick. If you would like to have a chat about it or have any more questions, (take a look at the FAQ) feel free to call our office at 603.444.2928 x226 or email us as Good luck on your chosen application, and have a wonderful holiday season!

Ayaka Okawa
Associate Director of Admission

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