The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The admission team moves into a new phase this weekend as we shift from collecting applications to reading them. This year, the team expects to see the school’s acceptance rate drop further, to around 30%, a highly competitive number. Director of Admission Brad D’Arco says, “The applicants are very strong this year, and we are going to have some very difficult decisions to make. We’ve seen an increase in interviews and applications, and that is in large part due to the great work of our student tour guides and all members of the community who welcome our guests to campus during their visits. The work of our students in the LASR Program and the appeal of an individualized curriculum are attracting students who are innately curious and excited by the opportunity to join our culture of inquiry.

During the month of February we’ll spend several hours a day pouring over personal essays, letters of recommendation, and transcripts in the Hill House conference room as we build a list of acceptances for next year.

Why does the office love this time of year? Here is what everyone had to say:

Ayaka: “I am most excited about revisiting the files of all the great students I met in the fall. I can’t help but think about what it will be like to have them on campus with us next year.”

Brad: “There is so much that is exciting about this time of year. I’m excited by the growth in our applicants. The interest in the School is increasing each year. I’m also really proud of how the work that happens in our office directly influences the culture of the School. This is our opportunity to give back and contribute to the community in a meaningful way.”

Cindy: “It’s exciting to hear from kids from all over the world. I love learning about them and why they want to come to White Mountain.”

Linda: “I love the buzz. There is a great sense of energy in the office right now. I know we’ll feel that way again when we mail the acceptance packets, receive decisions from prospective students and welcome families to Re-Visit Days, but we learn so much about applicants when we’re reading files.”

Sarah: “I really enjoy seeing everything come together. There is so much effort that goes into each application. It’s great to hear from all the teachers through their letters of recommendation, the parents who have shared stories about their children, and the students who took time to tell us about themselves.”

Applicants who have last-minute questions about the admission process, or who need assistance should contact their respective admission representative per this list:

9th Grade Applicants: Sarah Catlin
10th Grade Applicants: Brad D’Arco
11th Grade Applicants: Ayaka Okawa

12th Grade and PG Applicants: Linda D’Arco

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