Welcome, New Students!

Director of Multicultural Recruitment and Associate Director of Admission, Ayaka Okawa, shares news of this year’s incoming students. Read on to learn more about the next exceptional class of students and join us in welcoming them to The White Mountain School!

We use the word “excited” frequently in our calls and emails to our new students joining us for the 2015-2016 school year. That’s because we spent the past year meeting over a thousand students, meticulously analyzing hundreds of applications, and investing months of collective thought into offering a select group of students a place at The White Mountain School. In September, we will finally have you on campus!

Through the application process, each student demonstrated that he or she would add something special to our community of learners. That is the core of what we are excited about. We are excited about the exchange of ideas and skills, languages and cultures, smiles and support that will enhance the overall WMS experience for everyone.

Geographically, the incoming class consists of students from 18 states and 10 countries. They collectively speak 8 languages other than English. Some students are coming from large, urban public schools and some are coming from small, rural private schools. Approximately half of our families receive financial aid from the School.

Our new Alternative Application allowed us to recruit uniquely accomplished students. One student submitted a video of herself setting a rock climbing route on a gym wall and analyzed the learning process and experience of her peers who climbed the route. A student with an interest in structural engineering sent us a study of a tetrahedral kite, a schematic model of the Colosseum, and a short film of an animated magnetic block ball. Another student presented an original film noir short that required him to be a writer, cinematographer, composer, film editor, director, and producer.

We also have ornithologists, painters, student-athletes, vocalists, mountaineers, thespians, instrumentalists, NOLS graduates, dancers, mountain bikers, artists, robotics fanatics, photographers, sustainability devotees, community service enthusiasts, and other yet inexpressible aficionados. Some will find an already established club for their interests and some will pave their way in starting new clubs and initiatives on campus. That is the beauty of a small community with resources for inquiry-based exploration.

We are excited to celebrate the unique diversity of experiences our new students will bring, not only of socially constructed identities such as race and ethnicity, but also of thoughts, interests, passions, and intellectual discourse. We can’t wait to see you on campus.

-Ayaka Okawa
Director of Multicultural Recruitment

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