White Mountain Admission Climbing to the Top

Last weekend was a big moment in the world of youth rock climbing. All across the country, rock climbing gyms in seventeen different locations hosted the USA Climbing Regional Championships.  On Saturday, December 10th, hundreds of young climbers from all over the nation tested their finger strength and endurance, and vied for the title of best vertical athlete from their respective region.   

The White Mountain School prides itself on our climbing program, and we care deeply about the future of our School’s rock climbing team.  Not only do we offer rock climbing, sport climbing and ice climbing as athletic, after school pursuits – but we also offer Field Course classes that incorporate academics with the sport.  Most notably, last fall a group of students traveled to Arizona to learn about geology and desert ecology while climbing crags at Mount Lemmon (check out photos here!), and this spring we will offer The Physics of Climbing – a science based approach to understanding the sport. If you haven’t yet, check out our most recent video on Field Courses here.

Because we care so much about climbing here at White Mountain, we sent representatives from our School to four different Regional sites across the country to recruit potential students to our School.  Our Associate Head of School for Admission and Enrollment Sarah Catlin traveled to Poughkeepsie, New York.  Academic Coach and Outdoor Education Instructor John Barkhausen made it to Manassas, Virginia.  Spanish Faculty Leah Boch flew to Philadelphia, while Assistant Director of Admission and Communication Eliot Taft traveled to Tuscon, Arizona.  Spanning the East and the West, White Mountain faculty were able to speak to young climbers from all over the country.

At White Mountain, we are a school of inquiry and engagement – we seek students who are fiercely passionate about their academic and athletic pursuits.  We hope to find not only the most devoted rock climbers, but also the most ardent-hearted students, community members, storytellers, artists and analysts. In Admission, we will continuously span the country and the world looking for the most passionate and inquiring minds for our School.

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