It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Reading season is here! The time of year when admission officers across the country clock a serious amount of hours squinting at their computer screens reviewing applications. We settle down in our office or at our favorite coffeehouse with a cup of coffee, pop in our favorite tunes (anything from Taylor Swift to Leon Bridges), and we read. We pour through hundreds of applications and learn about you as you tell your story. We hear about triumphs and losses, hopes and dreams, and how you envision yourself living on our campus and in our community in the White Mountains.

So, what do we look for in a candidate? We tend to answer that question a lot. As a college-prep institution, we understand the importance of developing students that are lifelong learners. Education has become about creating knowledge, not transferring it. The world has a critical need for students who are ready to not only ask questions, but the right ones. And we want to ensure you are ready for that. We cultivate skills and habits that prepare students for success in college and beyond. Read our Essential Skills and Habits for College Success here, crafted after an extensive amount of research and discussion with college admission directors across the country.

We enjoy hearing about students who are engaged in their own learning, those who aren’t afraid to reflect on their mistakes or fail forward. We love hearing about how hard you worked to get that ‘A’ in a tough history class or how you learned from your first experience in a leadership role. We also want to know what you ‘look for’ and are curious about. Authenticity is important, and we want to hear your voice. At White Mountain, students can explore their interests. They have the space to discover fascinating truths and confront both intriguing and difficult questions. We not only encourage it, we expect it.

It is the most wonderful time of the year because the time is upon us. It’s time to choose and inspire the next generation of students willing to embrace inquiry, exhibit courage and show compassion.

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