Field Course News

Hi WMS Families,

Students are excitedly preparing for their upcoming Field Courses and there is great energy around campus. That the weather has also been great is a nice bonus as well!

Since students will not typically have their phones with them during the Field Courses, it is most likely that you will not hear directly from them next week (for some of you that may just seem like an ordinary week!). If you need to reach your child while they are on Field Course, the best way to do that is to contact the school directly and we will put you in contact with the group. The office will be open 7:30-5:30 each day and Shane will be carrying the AOD phone (603-616-1528) for any off hours communication. We do ask that Field Course groups check in when they arrive at their destination and periodically throughout the week (as email and cellphone access allows) so we will provide these updates as well.

Thanks to those of you who have communicated your child’s travel plans to Betsie in the front office. Our short October break will come up quickly after Field Course so having this information now is helpful. Students are eligible to leave for the break following their last commitment on Saturday, October 11th. For many, that will be classes ending at 11:00am. Other students may have the SAT (able to leave by 3:00) or soccer games that afternoon. In addition to our bus to Manchester at noon and the Concord Coach bus to Boston at 12:55, we will also run a later WMS bus (3:15) for students taking the SAT and soccer players. In addition to Manchester airport, this later bus will also stop at the bus station in Concord, NH allowing students to then catch a bus to Boston (South Station or Logan Airport). If you have any questions about travel on this day, please let me or Betsie know. Boarding students should plan to return to campus Tuesday, October 14th between 3 and 7pm (except those flying into Manchester or arriving via Concord Coach bus).

If you have not yet registered for the upcoming Fall Family Weekend and plan to join us, please take a moment to do that today. This will help ensure that you are able to meet with all of your child’s teachers and assists us with planning for events and meals. You can see the full schedule and register online right at our website.

Hopefully, at this point of the year, everyone has had a chance to read and review their WMS Community Handbook. We do ask that both parents and students sign an acknowledgement of that fact. Students will do this (as well as signing our Behavioral Honor Code) with their advisors in the coming weeks. Parents we ask to complete this electronic acknowledgement that you have in fact read and understand our Community Handbook. If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Thanks in advance for completing this acknowledgment and submitting it to us.

Despite (and I guess in some cases because of) Field Courses heading out, it is a busy weekend here on campus. We have our second Project Block (B) of the year and sports on Saturday afternoon (weather forecast: Sunny and 78 degrees!). Our soccer teams both look to continue their winning ways (WMS Girls Soccer is 5-0 to start the season!) with big games this weekend (Boys at New Hampton Friday, Girls at home vs. Holderness Saturday afternoon). Shane is excited to be taking a group of students down to Woodstock, NH for the season finale of short track racing at White Mountain Speedway on Saturday night (early fall in NH at its finest!). We also have a few great food-related activities as well: members of the community will begin preparing some food (read: pies!) for our annual Harvest Dinner on Family weekend, and Ayaka will be teaching students how to make delicious Japanese gyoza in her apartment. After all this and more, we will wrap up the weekend (for those not leaving early) with Final Pack for our Field Course groups Sunday evening at 6:00pm (for day student families: this will likely be done around 8:00pm for most groups).

As always, have a great weekend and let me know if you have any questions!