Halloween Weekend Happenings

This weekend, WMS is very excited to host the 14th annual USA Climbing bouldering competition in our amazing climbing gym. This competition is part of the nationwide American Bouldering Series (ABS) held each fall. 

Hi WMS Families,

We’ve had a great spirit week here on campus and we are all looking forward to our Halloween Community Dinner tonight, complete with costume parade and a variety of fun games and activities.  Check out my photo from Twin Day earlier this week on our instagram page.  Yes, Hiapo and I do shop at the same places (#emsbargainrack).  For what it is worth, Linda and Jen were way better twins, but since Linda posts the photos, that one didn’t make it out on social media.  I’ll work on this . . . 
This weekendWMS is very excited to host the 14th annual USA Climbing bouldering competition in our amazing climbing gym. This competition is part of the nationwide American Bouldering Series (ABS) held each fall. This past week, our student climbers were busy stripping all of the holds from our wall, cleaning them and getting everything ready for the professional routesetters to come and prepare fun and challenging new routes for this competition.   The ABS draws competitors from all over New England and is open to all levels of climbers from those trying out their first competition to those seeking to qualify for ABS Regionals and Nationals.  Good luck to members of the WMS Sport Climbing Team as they compete in their “home” gym!

From Sunday through Wednesday next week, we will be hosting a group of teachers and administrators from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) who will be visiting WMS as part of our reaccreditation process.  We have spent the last 18 months working on this process internally and are very excited to share what we do and who we are with these visitors as part of this important process.
Honors Course contracts are due to Shane this coming Monday, November 1. While students planning to do this have been doing Honors work these past few months, this is the process by which students make a formal commitment to taking an Honors course for the year.  Our first mid-term comes to a close on November 14th. The following week, mid-term grades as well as teacher and advisor comments will be shared with you via MyWMS. November 14th is also the deadline for dropping a year long course if a student is carrying six courses.  If you have any questions about Honors courses or grades and comments, please let Shane know.
It will not be long until we have some snow on the ground (last year we did have snow on Halloween!) and students will soon be signing up for their winter sports.  Stay tuned next week for more information about these signups and other things winter sports-related.
This weekend is our third project block weekend (C) of the year.  As always, many courses will be using this unique extended time class period for inquiry projects, interdisciplinary work and experiential opportunities (among other things).  Of note, AP Environmental Science will be touring the Ryegate Power Station in Ryegate, Vermont and will have the opportunity to ask professionals the questions they have been raising in class.  In US History, students will be using a powerful resource at the Ohio State University site called Origins (origins.osu.edu). The site has a variety of essays written by historians that offer historical context for contemporary events which students will use as a starting point for individual research. Murder in Literature students will be learning to ask questions, follow up on those leads, and create more questions in the context of solving murder mysteries.  In the ceramics studio, students will be making their own plaster molds and learning about and applying slip casting techniques to “manufacture” multiple similar pieces.  It certainly should be an exciting morning!
As always, please let me know if you have any questions about anything happening here on campus.  Have a great weekend!

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