#SpringBreak Plans

I really love whitewater kayaking and mountain biking. I knew that I wanted to get out on the river and trails as soon as possible for spring break.

-Marlon Andrew ’19

A strong student and exceptional community member, sophomore Marlon Andrew has made her mark inside the classroom and out. ‘Marlon is a wonderful young lady who adds so much to this community.  A commendable writer, she is excelling academically her sophomore year,’ comments her advisor Leah Boch. Recipient of the Houghton-Duane Scholarship — a scholarship given to a student leader that has shown a deep respect for the outdoors and the environment — Marlon’s love for the outdoors is apparent. She tells us more about that and her spring break plans below.

What are your spring break plans?

For spring break this year I’m going on a 12 hour road trip to North Carolina with my dad. We’re going mountain biking in Asheville and then driving to the Nantahala National Forest to go whitewater kayaking. On the way down to North Carolina, we’ll stop in Gettysburg for a quick history lesson.

How did you come up with your spring break plans?

Because I really love whitewater kayaking and mountain biking, I knew that I had to go south to enjoy slightly warmer weather for these two sports.

What are you most looking forward to over spring break? What has been your favorite part so far?

I’m most looking forward to exploring the Nantahala river. I’ve heard a lot of fun stories about the kayaking there. My favorite part of spring break so far has been camping with my dad. We both really like spending time outdoors so this is a perfect trip for us.

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