Student Ambassador Profile: Alana Bonilla ’19

bonillaAs a Student Ambassador, you are often the first White Mountain student that visitors meet. What do you enjoy about this important role?

I still remember when I was toured at this school and how welcoming and kind my tour guide was. She gave me a really good impression of not only the school but the community I was about to join. I felt so welcomed and excited and I love making others feel that way too.

Tell me about a class you are really enjoying this year and what you like about it.

This year my favorite class is Precalculus. I’ve always loved math and problem solving, but this year it is not just the subject I enjoy. Between the teacher and the students we always end up laughing about something. Also, I feel as though the teacher treats us with so much respect that it makes each of us feel much more comfortable to speak up and ask questions which is something I usually tend to struggle with.

What is your favorite place on campus and why?

My favorite place on campus is Hood’s Hill. I love walking up to Hood’s Hill on a sunny day and laying down a blanket. Sometimes I will go and sit there with my friends and jam on my ukulele, or play with some of the faculty dogs, or just lay there in the sun. I also love it because it’s the center of campus and I can say hi to the people walking by or watch people slack lining by the dorms.

You recently went on the Field Course to France that focused on cultural exchange and language immersion. How did this experience affect you?

I had never been outside of the country before going to France so going overseas to Europe was a big step for me. Overall, I loved it! It’s amazing how much you can learn when you’re immersed in the culture. My favorite part of the trip was staying with my host family, only one of whom spoke any English. I got to go to school with my French host and sit in classes with her, as well as go on field trips. Between the history, the people and the food (oh my goodness the food was so good!), this trip has opened me up to another part of the world and makes me want to see even more someday.

Congratulations on being inducted into The National Honor Society! How do you feel like your time at White Mountain has contributed to your growth in the areas of scholarship, leadership, character and/or service?

For a couple of years prior to coming to White Mountain, I seemed to kind of crawl into this shell and I was afraid to speak up or get involved in anything. I had always tried to be involved in the community with my family but that was usually only outside of school. Now that I am here at WMS, I feel much more comfortable to pursue my leadership abilities as well as jump at every opportunity that comes my way. There are so many community service opportunities, leadership roles and supports that this school offers. That has helped me come out of my shell and be myself.

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