Summer Plans: Rachel Van Wylen

As the summer season begins, students and faculty embark on a whole new set of adventures outside of White Mountain. Art Department Chair Rachel Van Wylen talks about her summer plans in Florence, Italy below. Be sure to follow our blog this summer to read more about what students and faculty are doing over the break.

What are your plans for the summer?

This summer I will be the Co-Program Director in Florence, Italy for Abbey Road programs.

Learn more about Abbey Road programs here!

What do you hope to learn or bring back to school next year?

My goal is to make sure the students in the program have a great time, learn about Italian culture, and stay safe while traveling. I’m eager to share my love of all things Italian – from the food to the art to the language – with them! It is too soon to say what I myself will learn in the process, but I’m sure I will come home with great stories to share.

What is one really cool thing you have planned during your time away?

We will be taking day trips to many other towns besides Florence, including Lucca, Cinque Terre, and Venice!

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