This is the WMS 128th Birthday Edition Newsletter!

Hi WMS Families,

We’ve had another full week here on campus. In addition to classes and sports, Field Course groups held their initial meetings on Thursday as well. It has been great to see the energy generated by students engaging in these unique course offerings.

Our Add/Drop period for classes has ended so students’ schedules should be set at this point. They do still have the option of taking a number of courses as an Honors Course. As stated in our Curriculum Guide, “Honors Courses are available to students who have a strong desire to strengthen their depth of knowledge and the development of their skills in a given subject. Students take on more complex, in-depth exploration of the course material and complete a variety of rigorous assignments, independent projects, and assessments within the context of a heterogeneous classroom. Honors Courses are open to all interested students. All year-long, non-AP courses are offered with an Honors option.”

Students interested in taking a course as an Honors course do not have to firmly commit until November 1. This timeline provides students with the opportunity to experience the increased challenge before making a final decision. Students have been discussing their intentions with their teachers this week. Please take some time to ask them about it and let Shane know if you have any questions.

As I mentioned last week, we are excited for our Family Weekend on October 10th and 11th. If you are planning to attend and have not yet had a chance to register, please take a few minutes to do that so we can make sure to get you scheduled with teachers and advisors. A full schedule and a registration link is located on our website.

Since this is our first weekend without significant required weekend commitments, we do have number of students heading home or visiting with friends this weekend. As such, it is a great time for me to remind you (as I have your children!) of our procedures around this. Students are eligible to leave for the weekend after their last commitment either Friday or Saturday on any weekend that is not closed (see calendar for closed weekends). In order to do so, they need to submit a weekend request form by lunch on Thursday to my office. Students need parent permission for any weekend overnight (even if they are going home!) called or emailed in to me by lunch on Friday. Students going to another student’s home for the weekend must also have an invitation from the host parent called or emailed to me by Friday as well. Any time a student leaves campus, they should sign out with the AOD (which is me this weekend!) and sign back in when they return. Students need to be back on campus by 7pm Sunday evening. The one exception to this is students who return to campus via the Concord Coach bus from Boston which arrives at 9:30. Please know, however, that if your child returns to campus on this bus that they will miss study hall Sunday night so they need to plan their work accordingly. If you have any questions at all about weekends, please let me know!

We are looking forward to a great early fall weekend here on campus. We have a large number of students who will be cooking food on Sunday to be served at the Dinner Bell, our region’s once weekly free meal. Students will then deliver, serve and eat this meal with local residents on Tuesday evening. WMS has a great tradition of participating in this and we are excited to have so many students interested. If you have questions about community service here on campus or the types of activities that are available, please contact Jim Norton, Community Service Coordinator (

As always, have a great weekend and let me know if you have any questions!