Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year!

Hi WMS Families,

Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year! We’ve had an awesome start to the year and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know your children over the past week. 

One of my roles here is to help keep parents updated on happenings around campus.

Each week, I will send out an email to parents that may include some highlights from the week, point to any upcoming events and will contain a link to that weekend’s schedule of activities. We do this consciously in email format so that if you have any questions (about what I’ve written or in general) you can respond directly to me and I’ll do my best to find you an answer. I know that sometimes your children will not keep you updated (gasp! really?) on all of the amazing things that happen here, so I’ll do my best to fill that gap.  We do our best to keep this email list updated, but if you’d like to be removed, have a change in email or would a different address added, please let Sheena (sheena.sullivan@whitemountain.org) know.

So, as promised, here is a copy of this weekend’s schedule. It is our Community Weekend and despite predictions of less than stellar weather for Saturday, we are excited about a great community focused weekend of fun and games. This is always one of my favorite weekends of the year. It is the beginning of our Light Blue/Dark Blue competitions with the Dark Blue team attempting to win back the crown after a Light Blue victory last year. I’m sure we will have some great photos of all the fun up on the school’s photo gallery by early next week. Also in the photo gallery, you will see some awesome photos from this week’s Orientation Trips. It has been great to see these pictures and hear all of the wonderful and inspiring stories from these trips.
More information will be available on this soon, but make sure to mark our Fall Family Weekend (October 10-11) on your calendar.  This is a great opportunity to  meet with your children’s teachers, visit classes, enjoy our Harvest Dinner, check out students’ artistic and athletic endeavors and hear from our keynote speaker, Rev. Stephen Blackmer.  We will send out invitations in the coming week as well as post information on the parent resource board.
Classes are all now in full swing, though still going through an add/drop period with some changes still happening.  Any questions about classes or schedules that you still may have can be directed to Shane or to your child’s advisor.  We do ask that all advisors check in with parents with an update before the end of this weekend as well, so this can be a good time to address these questions.
Because of our truncated week with Orientation Trips, my update will be a bit shorter than average (and perhaps contain less bad puns and self-deprecating humor than is typical).  My goal is generally to get this into your inbox by lunchtime on Friday.  I’m not off to a great start on that front, though I think it is still lunchtime for those of you on the west coast!  Nowhere to go but up.
Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions about our schedule, what is going on or even how your child is doing.  In the meantime, have a great weekend!

Nate Snow
Associate Head of School

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