Whose Line Is It Anyway?

I loved that show! So you could imagine my happiness when I stepped into Lovejoy Chapel this past Friday and experienced something like it at the second event in our Cultural Event Series here at White Mountain. The Joy of Comedy Improv show featured Paige Lussier Johnson, an off-Broadway performer for over a decade and more recently, a theater teacher.

Using the audience to develop off-the-wall stories and set the storyline for the six courageous souls that volunteered to do improv in front of the entire audience, Paige kept us all laughing and engaged. The 60 minutes seemed more like 6 minutes.

One story involved a divorced couple sky jumping. Another depicted two brothers at school in the 1950s. And another two friends on the moon. Things became even more interesting when the stories came with a set of rules. For instance, our ‘moon friends’ could only act out their scene if they followed a set of rules, which were determined by the audience. Pyper ‘18 and Julia ‘19 rose to the challenge and gave an impressive performance, avoiding words with the letter ‘S’ and stomping every third word.

Junior Zinou Foster was called on to start the story of one segment. “I was nervous, but after a moment, I came up with a sentence I thought could work. It led to a pretty funny ending.”

The White Mountain School’s Cultural Event Series is a way to expose students to different cultures and experiences in a fun way. Comedy is a great way to bond as a community, keep things light and offer students a break from the intense world of academics. And the quick and unexpected responses of the improv show from this past Friday did just that. It had us all ending on a high note.

By: Sarah Wilfred, Director of Communications

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