This Week at WMS: Snow, Senior Essays, and Solar Power!

It certainly looks (and feels) like winter is arriving! Read on for this week’s campus life blog entry.
A great tradition begun a few years ago is having seniors read their college essays at Morning Meeting. That season is underway and we were treated to some great essays last Friday, and, surprise to nobody, inquiry emerged as a significant theme in all of them. One student spoke of how her LASR project about same sex marriage allowed her to pursue a question deeply held, to wrestle with the tension between her own values and her families’ religious values, and to ultimately gain a greater appreciation for the perspectives of others. Another student shared how a chance to research hydroponic farming opened his eyes to new possibilities in sustainable agriculture, opened doors to a summer job, and potentially inspired a collegiate and professional focus. It was clear from their narratives that their LASR project not only helped to advance their academic skills in meaningful ways, it allowed them to advance intellectually and personally.  
WMS was proud this week to host a conference on the science and economics of solar power in parallel with the installation of our new solar array for the Catherine Houghton Art center. We had about 75 attendees on campus for this and it was amazing to see our Climate and Energy students, dressed for success, sharing their research on photovoltaic energy with students from other schools and the local community. What a great opportunity for students to have an authentic audience for their research and work. Thanks so much to Lizzie Aldrich for her time and effort in putting together off this fantastic event.
We have a number of great things going on this weekend. Tonight we celebrate our fall sports season with Fall Sports Awards. Our after school theater group is putting on their season ending performance of Law and Order: FTU (Fairy Tale Unit) in the Black Box Theater tonight at 7:30. The WMS Robotics team has their first competition of the season tomorrow (Good luck all!). We do also have Project Block (E) this Saturday. I’ve heard that the Chemistry students may be making ice cream in their Project Block this weekend. Seems like it might be a good time to do a classroom observation!
As I’m sure you know, we all head out on vacation to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday next week. Break begins Friday afternoon after students’ last commitment (typically sports) and our buses leave for the Concord Coach bus station and Manchester airport first thing Saturday morning. School closes officially at noon on Saturday. The school will be open regular business hours through Wednesday.  Should you have a school related emergency or urgent need to contact us outside of those times, please call the AOD phone (603-616-1528).
Have a great weekend!

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