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2019 Spring Family Weekend

The White Mountain School welcomed 90 parents, siblings, grandparents – even pets, to the 2019 Spring Family Weekend! Despite some wet weather and gray skies, it was a truly amazing weekend that featured open classes, a parents’ reception, National Honor Society Induction, college Read More

Faculty Profile: Gabe Boisseau

Science teacher Gabe Boisseau talks about his educational philosophy and incorporating inquiry into his classroom in our most recent faculty profile. Read more below. Background I grew up in St. Johnsbury, Vermont and became active in the outdoors at a young age. In high school at St. Read More
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Student Ambassadors: Julia Crocker ’18

At White Mountain, we care deeply about showcasing the accomplishments of our students here on campus. We believe the best way for potential families to learn about a school is to have access to the student experience. A few times a month we include some words from our Student Ambassadors Read More
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Podcast: Our School’s Location Identity

The White Mountain School’s location helps define it as one of the top of private schools in New Hampshire by providing unique opportunities for learning and student-driven inquiry. Learn more in this podcast with Director of Student Inquiry and Research Sara Kelley-Mudie. Click here Read More
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6 months, 6 years and 60 years

March 10th has come and gone, and many families are now working through accept offers and waitlist decisions. It can be a very stressful time if several options are still on the table. As someone who has helped families through the decision process countless times in the past, I would like Read More
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Podcast: Private School Athletics at White Mountain

We offer a wide variety of unique athletics for students to participate in, such as ice climbing, dance and more. Learn more about athletics at White Mountain from student Sarah Abbott in this podcast. Sarah discusses choosing a sport and the importance of athletics at a private school. Read More
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#Education beyond the classroom

Social justice in the Dominican Republic, multimedia journalism in New Hampshire, sustainability in Montreal, the community of the North Country. This year students at White Mountain studied subjects in places across the world. At White Mountain, we don't think the classroom is the only Read More
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A Focus on Student-Driven Inquiry

At White Mountain, we understand the power of a student-driven approach to inquiry. In a learning environment, it is important to assume an inquiry mindset. Research has also shown that students learn best when they are engaged—when they are passionate about what they are learning. This Read More
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