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Supporting Inquiry and Engagement at The White Mountain School

By David and Natasha Chomas, P '19 We first discovered The White Mountain School when searching for a summer program to allow our son, Justin, to explore his new-found interest in rock climbing.  It was Justin who discovered what an exceptional place White Mountain is and set about Read More

LASR Project Update

Fighter Pilot, Marine Biologist, and Videographer What do these three professions have in common? They are just a few of the many interests White Mountain School students are investigating this semester through the LASR Project program. LASR (Leadership, Arts, Service, and Research) Read More
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Research Project Presentations

WMS students and faculty have been enjoying the first semester's Leadership, Service, Arts and Research (LASR) Project presentations this week. Here are just a few photos of students presenting their work in authentic inquiry to the school. So far, we've learned about original research on Read More
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LASR Project: Abbey Newton ’16, Internship in Medicine

12/16/2015 Abbey Newton '16 is gaining valuable experience in medicine for her LASR project this year. Learn more about Abbey's experiences at Littleton Regional Hospital and how the project is unfolding for her. Abbey Newton, a current senior, is working on an independent study for her Read More
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LASR Project: Andrew Snead ’15 Solar Energy Systems

4/29/2015 Senior Andrew Snead is well into his second major independent study program at WMS. Next year he'll continue his studies of engineering at Clarkson University, which has recognized his LASR Program work with a substantial merit scholarship. Read Andrew's story here! We first Read More
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LASR Program News: Tessa Pham ’16 “Abnormal Psychology”

1/28/2015 “Our school has provided a great environment for me because it encourages me to ask a lot of questions. When I’m doing my own research, I’m not worried about whether or not my work fits someone else’s parameters. There is no limit to what I can do.” Read More
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LASR Update: Jerry Li ’15 Test Runs his Nuclear Fusor

1/17/2015 We have some exciting new to share. In the last couple of months, Jerry Li ’15 finished building his nuclear fusor. Last Thursday he and mentor Ben Moss turned it on for the first time.  You can watch a video of the test run and hear Jerry’s elated reaction here. Read More
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LASR Project: Ryan Stoddard ’15 “Hydroponics”

11/7/2014 Ryan Stoddard The opportunity that changed my life involves five-thousand heads of lettuce, and an idea that there could be another agriculture revolution.  I work at AquaHarvest Technologies, a startup hydroponics company. I work during summer vacations, and have done so Read More
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LASR Project: Ben Ford ’15 “An Arduino-Controlled SproutBox”

10/29/2014 Linda D'Arco Senior Ben Ford is no stranger to tinkering with robots. In fact, Ben played a major role in the founding and success of the WMS VEX Robotics Team last year— a team that beat the reigning world champions in their very first season together. In addition to Read More
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