Curiosity and Consideration

Tim Breen, Head of School
Recently, Connie Wootton, the Executive Director at the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools, spoke about the role of “consideration” in our daily lives in schools. She noted that consideration is more than being nice; it involves truly trying to understand—to consider—the views of others.

At White Mountain, we are blessed to be in a diverse community where all members show a great deal of consideration toward one another. You can see this when students support each other at morning meeting, you can see this in the absence of cliques. We are considerate of each other. I also believe we do a good job truly considering each other as unique and valuable human beings. This is sometimes difficult in a high school community, indeed in any community. And while we are not perfect, I believe one reason we are good at this is due to our focus on curiosity. To truly consider and understand the views and perspectives of others, you must be sincerely curious about others. A great learning community can only form if there is both diversity and deep consideration. For this reason, we ask our students to be curious—not only about their academic endeavors—but about each other. This can be hard work, but is one of the greatest values of a boarding school education.


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