The 128th Commencement of The White Mountain School

On May 31st, WMS gathered together to say farewell to the bright, brave, talented class of 2014. Read on for a list of this year’s commencement award winners and a link to Kelly Cornell ’04’s speech.
It’s been an eventful year, and these students have been on the cusp of so much change. They’ve seen a new arts center built on campus, and the resulting change in culture as students flocked to this building to explore and express themselves. They’ve seen the school make LASR projects a requirement of WMS life, and they participated in that culture of inquiry. The Class of 2014 has handled all changes and all challenges with grace, energy, curiosity, and maturity, and we are proud to see them move out into the world beyond WMS, ready to experience all they can find.
Before a supportive crowd of friends, family, and teachers, Kelly Cornell WMS class of ’04 delivered an inspiring graduation speech, the best many in the crowd had heard at any graduation, anywhere. Click here to read Kelly’s heartwarming and inspiring speech. 

The faculty honored students with departmental, scholarship, and citizenship awards.  This year’s winners were:

The Ethel W. Devin Prize for excellence in English: Tyler Randazzo ’15
The Valpey Prize for excellence in history: Max Horowitz ’14
The Religion and Humanities Prize: Sam Datillo ’14
The Richard J. Hayes Prize for excellence in mathematics: Junzhu Feng ’14
The Frederic L. Steele Prize for excellence in science: Andrew Snead ’15
The Jack Cook Sustainability Prize: Xiaoji Zhou ’14
The Goodrich Prize for excellence in French: Elizabeth Weed ’15
The Alice C. Humphrey Prize for excellence in Spanish: Lindsay Palya ’15
The Hamish MacEwan Prize for excellence in art: Lily Bennett ’14
The Caroline O. McMillan ’47 Music Award: Lexie Darrah ’15
The Mountaineering Award: Lily Bennett ’14
The Courage Prize: Sheng-Kai Lin ’14
The Samuel Robinson II Community Service Award: John Hitchcock-Smith ’15
The Robin MacQuire Pearson Prize: Lily Bennett ’14
The Lt. Michael S. Pierce ’82 Award: Ryan Stoddard
The Bishop’s Prize: Rong Lu ’15
The Faculty Award: Max Horowitz ’14
The Head’s Award: Junzhu Feng ’14

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