Admission Decisions

Admission packets ready for the mail

In addition to being one of the busiest months in a boarding school admission office, February also tends to be one of the most exciting. Like most other boarding schools in New England, we use the month of February to read and evaluate applications submitted by students looking to join our community next fall. While the process of going through the record number of applications we received this year was daunting, given the volume, it was also incredibly exciting as this applicant pool was full of outstanding students who will contribute to our academic culture and school community. The many hours we spend combing through documents submitted by and on behalf of students is incredibly rewarding as it serves as affirmation that what we are doing as a school is broadly appealing and also that the days and weeks our admission team spent traveling throughout the United States and the world to meet candidates was all worth it.

As exciting as making admission and financial decisions is, it can also be incredibly difficult. One of the truly distinguishing features of The White Mountain School is our size, and while that offers us some great advantages it also forces us to be highly selective given our limited space. The number of outstanding and qualified applicants we had apply to join our community for the 2016-2017 academic year far exceeded our capacity, and while we are fortunate to be in that position, it makes the process of choosing which students are offered admission incredibly difficult.

All of our applicants will be notified of our admission and financial decisions on March 10th and when we return from the spring vacation we will hold our annual Re-visit Days for admitted students on April 1st and 5th. These two days afford those students and families an opportunity to get an in depth look at our daily life before making a final enrollment decision on April 10th. So while these next few weeks are incredibly busy, they truly are the most wonderful time of the year. It won’t be long before we know who will be joining our great community in September.  

-Brad D’Arco, Director of Admission

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