Afghan Student, Asadullah Sokal, Delivered Inspirational Morning Reading

Julie Yates
“My education will be my gift to my country”
“My education will be my gift to my country”, said Green Mountain College (GMC) junior Asadullah Sokal, to the WMS community at Morning Meeting today. Asadullah went on to describe the incredible journey that led him to his current situation as a sustainable business major at GMC and his future plans to help his home country of Afghanistan.
Asadullah was born in Afghanistan, as Soviet occupation was ending and civil war beginning. At a very young age, he remembers leaving his hometown with his mother and siblings to escape civil war violence. Asadullah’s description of his childhood and adolescence were sobering. He, his family, and his Afghan countrymen faced violence and the lack of basic needs, such as food and shelter, as civil war ended and the Taliban took control. He described living through massacres and burnings of homes and property. He and his family were regularly on the run. His education was disrupted, but he persevered and, eventually he came to the United States to attend his last two years of high school.
Now a junior at Green Mountain College, Asadullah plans to complete his B.S. in sustainable business and go on to graduate school. Asadullah struck a familiar chord with WMS students and faculty/staff when he sang the praises of the small school education he is receiving at GMC, noting in particular the benefits of close relationships with professors and a strong community/family feel.

After graduate school, Asadullah will return to Afghanistan to help his country. He now believes that the environmental challenges facing our world today are even greater than the terrorist threat. He reminded the WMS community that the field of environmental studies is an important way to gain the knowledge needed to address our global issues. He also reminded our students that youth have the energy and the ability to change society and challenged us all with the following questions, “Have you taken advantage of all the opportunities you have? What have you done to help your country? What do you plan to do?”
We thank Asadullah for sharing his inspiring story with us at morning meeting today.

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