Alumnae/i Ski Weekend 2013

Megan Sweeney
This Saturday marked the return of WMS’s 2nd annual revival of the Alumnae/i Ski Weekend at Cannon Mountain!
On Saturday night, January 26th, a roomful of people were asked, “How many of you all here tonight were here last year?” Many hands shot up, but some stayed down. These belonged to newcomers, joining WMS alumnae/i in a ski weekend for the very first time.

This weekend marked our 2nd annual revival of the WMS Alumnae/i Ski Weekend! The tradition slipped away about 15 years ago, but after its highly successful renewal during last year’s 125th, we couldn’t let it pass us by again. Alumnae/i from as far back as the ‘50s and as recent as 2010, current students, and current and former faculty, all gathered at Cannon Mountain on Saturday to enjoy snowy slopes and warm company. It was a beautiful day for skiing, sub-zero temperatures aside, with clear, sunny skies and no wind.

After reunions in the lodge and a few practice runs, we were ready to begin the ski race. Twenty racers in all, ranging from the class of ’58 to the age of 4, sped one by one down the mountainside, each trying to beat the others’ time. Our fastest female alumnae were Chrissy Valar in second place and Jewels Ireland, current Cannon Mountain employee, in first. For male alumni, Bruce McCarter took second place with Steve Segal ’75 as our winner. The fastest youth skier was 13-year-old Annina Valar-Breen, daughter of Chrissy. Our fastest faculty member and overall winner of the race was Assistant Head of School Nate Snow.

After the race, alumnae/i spent some time enjoying the mountain or just catching up at the lodge. Some returned to campus and participated in a snowshoe hike through the winding trails.
At 5:30, just under 40 alumnae/i, faculty, and trustees regrouped at local restaurant and bar, The Horse and Hound, for drinks and appetizers. The lovely, warm atmosphere of The H&H went a long way towards thawing everyone out. After a speech from Tim, awards for were given for our racers and thanks was given to all the volunteers, including Dick Searles (former faculty member and ski coach) and Cindy Berlack (experienced racer and current parent of Carolyn Berlack ’96) who assisted in the start shack and Starr Jordan Moore ’58, who worked the registration table tirelessly. As a finish to a lovely day, the alumnae/i sat down to a wonderful dinner, or went on their merry way calling happy goodbyes and plans for next year.

Thank you to everyone who came to our Alumnae/i Ski Weekend! We hope to see you all again this time next year, returning skiers and newcomers both.

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