An Olympic Moment

Director of Admission Allison Kimmerle welcomes students, new and returning, back to The White Mountain School for another fantastic year.

OK, I admit it. I watch only certain parts of the Olympics. The Opening Ceremony is one; the Closing Ceremony is the other. As each country enters the Olympic stadium, I am delighted by the vitality that each team displays. Ultimately, it is all quite overwhelming to me: so many athletes, from so many countries, talented in so many different ways, all competent and qualified to compete. It overwhelms me, really.
As an Admission Director who has been involved in secondary school admissions for almost 15 years, I must admit that I have often had an “Olympic moment” such as I described above. A pool of applicants can overwhelm me: so much talent, so much enthusiasm for the opportunities that WMS offers and such a commitment to completing the application process. And, given the age of our applicants – adolescents – their willingness to go through the application process (which often involves visits and applications to a number of schools) is admirable indeed. They are Olympians in their own special way. Some will “win;” many will not.
Then, when the admission “competitions” are all over, there they are: an enthusiastic, happy group of “victors.” All the hard work of completing applications and interviewing has paid off: they made it. On Registration Day, they are so much like all those Olympians at the end of the competitions. They arrive together; they are no longer competitors. Like the Olympians themselves, they are members of a unique “family.”
As we begin the school year at The White Mountain School, I am very proud of our newly enrolled “Olympians.” They worked hard to get here. We are excited about their potential, their special talents and their passions, and we look forward to their contributions to our classroom, our teams, our dorms and our community. The “medal” that each of them has won is a place at The White Mountain School. We are proud of them and we are glad they are here. Let the “games” begin!