Aribiqa: Arab Music, Culture and Dance

Boom! Boom!  Boom!

The sound of drumming filled the space in the Lovejoy Chapel this past Friday night as Karim Nagi, a resident of the Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire (AANNH), introduced and performed traditional Arabian dances and instruments such as the duff, tabla and mijwiz. Welcome to the first event in this year’s Cultural Event Series at White Mountain!

A native Egyptian drummer, Karim has lectured and presented at Harvard, MIT, Yale, Stanford, Bowdoin and several other schools. As Karim drummed and danced, I imagined myself in Egypt or Pakistan, and I saw myself surrounded by a beautiful culture shared through the language of music and dance. With each performance, Karim helps to demistify and humanize the Arab culture.

White Mountain values diversity and understanding others. This event was one that allowed us to learn about a culture very different from our own, and connect with others very different from ourselves. Compassion and empathy are two ideals White Mountain holds dear and we strive to have students develop a curiosity ‘inspired by compassion and emboldened by courage.’ Be sure to check out our Calendar for more cultural events this year. Our next one is in January!

For more information on Karim Nagi, click here.

By: Sarah Wilfred, Director of Communications

Photo by: Yillah of DC

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