WMS thanks Barbara McFadden Sirna ’63

The street sign stands tall on either side of West Farm Road: McFadden Drive. A symbol of the profound dedication of alumna and board chair Barbara McFadden Sirna, the sign represents a commitment to The White Mountain School that has spanned over fifty years. Sirna has held WMS close to heart since her graduation in 1963.

Assuming the board chairmanship in 2012 after serving as Vice Chair in 2008, Barbara has been involved with the Board of Trustees since 1973. She notes that she’s known six out of the last nine bishops and has worked with a number of Heads of Schools, and that the changes she’s seen have been gradual, but noticeable.

“The direction of the School is clear and with a continued strong administration, I foresee the School positioned well and headed into 150 years strong. Without a doubt, the School has the most cohesive and best administrative team that I have seen. It takes some work to find the right balance, but Tim’s vision deserves a lot of credit.”

Sirna’s investment and real estate management expertise has been a great asset to the School. Since her time as board chair, she’s presided over a dedicated and more active board. The new buildings and renovations on campus, as well as a growing endowment, are just some of the results.

She sees the School’s small number of students as central to its continued success. Currently, White Mountain averages 125 students every academic year.

“The School has always been a small and inviting place that helps students reach their potential in a caring and supportive way.” Sirna states it’s the reason she’s stayed involved for so long.

In a past interview, Sirna commented that she wishes to ensure that “WMS keeps its basic belief and mission.” She still strongly believes that there is “definitely a need for small schools” like White Mountain.

Sirna reflects, “What am I going to do now? What is the School going to do now?” Although her time on the Board has come to an end, Sirna will continue to be instrumental to the success of WMS. We look forward to seeing her at the 150th Anniversary and watching as the School continues to fulfill one of her long-term goals as board chair: to prosper and grow over the next few decades.

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