Community Service Day

Each year, White Mountain School students and faculty take a day off from school to spread their energy and effort across the North Country and give back to our community at many different sites.

Community Service Day honors our commitment to giving back and builds upon the regular, service work that WMS community members participate in each week when we’re cooking and serving for a local food pantry, helping with roadside clean-ups, volunteering with Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country, or helping kids with their homework at the Boys and Girls Club. It is also a nice extension of the work we do here on campus through our own work jobs program.

Whether they were splitting wood at the Rocks Estate, upgrading a gravel bike path at the Franconia Children’s Center, preparing cabins for campers at Copper Cannon Camp, or pulling weeds from the vegetable gardens at Mt. Sacred Heart in Littleton, WMS crews were busy! We loaded up on sunscreen and bug spray and headed out for the day after listening to Kyle Rosen’s ’16 rousing Morning Meeting speech. He rallied us all around serving the greater good and prepared us for a long, hot day. Thank you, Kyle!

Thank you also to Jim Norton (English) for organizing the day, and to all of the student helpers who played roles in leading the many service groups.

Click here to view the Smug Mug gallery for Community Service Day 2016. 

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This year, WMS students and faculty helped at the following locations:

Franconia Children’s Center

Mt. Sacred Heart

Ammonusuc River clean-up

Franconia trails

The Rocks Estate

Littleton Opera House

WREN (Women’s Rural Entrepreneurial Network)

Mt. Eustis (community ski hill)

The WMS Farm

WMS trails

Bretzfelder Park, Bethlehem

Copper Cannon Camp

The Frost Place

The Bethlehem Skate Park


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