Tough Questions


This word described and embodied the feeling so present at the Diversity Club meeting the night before the 2016 Election. Students came to think, discuss and question their feelings and thoughts on this election season. Tough questions were asked. How are we to help those who feel disconnected from the political process? Has your view of politics changed over the course of this election cycle? How do we mend the divides of our country moving forward? The interesting thing about the faculty member who asked these questions is that he demanded answer. ‘Seriously, I’m looking for answers,’ Tyler Smith said. A statement that spoke volumes and is indicative about what we expect from students here at White Mountain. At a time when our political nation is so divided among gender, race and political lines, answers are necessary, even critical. We wait looking for answers, with the results of this election, from our next leader, from each other.

At White Mountain, we firmly believe that the world would be a better place if people were more curious, courageous and compassionate. Grounded in our Episcopal heritage, we prepare and inspire students to lead lives of curiosity, courage and compassion. This is our mission, and we strive to create students who will use their curiosity to learn and contribute good to the world. As we come to the end of this election season, and ballots are cast, students at Diversity Club were asked questions that we, as a nation, will also need to grapple with ourselves. Where do we go from here? We’re looking for answers and are ready to find them.

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By: Sarah Wilfred, Director of Communications

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