Family Newsletter – 11/9/12

Nate Snow
This week’s Family Newsletter from Assistant Head of School Nate Snow!
Hi WMS Families,

Attached please find this weekend’s schedule chock full of great things to do.  Students from the after school theater group are performing plays on Friday evening.  Project Block “D” meets on Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon marks our last weekend of Fall Sports.  Both soccer teams travel to Dublin for a rivalry game to end the season.  The Cross Country Team is heading to Millbrook School for the New England Prep School Div IV Championships.
Last night, we had our second Advisor Dinner of the year. These gatherings are always highly anticipated and it is great to hear about students sharing time with advisors and their families.  Advisor Dinner is certainly a major highlight of the year for my son Owen as he gets to have his “big kid” friends come over and play.  Apparently, teenage boys still really like Legos and Trouble! (and can actually help with dishes, too!).
This past week, students were also involved in the U.S. presidential elections.  Students in the U.S. History classes completed projects that outlined the platforms of the candidates.  Students were able to leave study hall early Tuesday night to watch the election returns as they came in.  Many students who were eligible took the opportunity to vote in their first election.  I was able to bring a student to vote who had been 18 for all of 5 days before the election!  Involvement is a wonderful thing. Faculty member Matthew Toms began our election day by presenting a morning reading about some of his experiences in Chile and his meeting with the Mothers of the Plaza De Mayo.  His story and playing of the U2 song “Mothers of the Disappeared” provided a poignant reminder to all of us about the value of our democracy and the importance of being involved in it.
Grades close this weekend for the first mid-term so students have been extra busy this week with tests and final projects in advance of this date.  Grades and teacher comments will be available in Whipple Hill at 8pm Tuesday (Nov. 13th).  Once you log into WH, the “Grades and Attendance” channel should be in the upper left corner of the Academic Portal.  The “Assignment Grade” tab is where you can see up to date and detailed assignment data in real time for every class.  This is available all the time for parents and students (and I highly encourage you and them to look at this regularly).  To see the final midterm grades and teacher comments, select  “Report Card” (makes sense, I guess) from under the Grades and Attendance channel.  Once in here, under 2012-2013, you will see Fall Midterm Grades and Comments – this is it!   If you have any questions about logging in or accessing these, please let me or Sheena know.  If you would like to receive a paper copy of grades and comments, you can request this from Sheena as well.
Next Friday night, WMS holds its Fall Sports Awards Ceremony.  This great event gives all of our fall coaches a chance to reflect on their seasons and highlight the efforts of students in our diverse after school programs (I always like to see who gets the Most Improved Farmer Award!).  Families are invited to this event and the Community Dinner that follows it.  Please RSVP to Betsie in the front office if you plan to attend these events. 
Students are free to leave following their last commitment, which for most is dinner on Friday night.  Most students will leave Saturday morning to head out on their well deserved Thanksgiving Break.  Students are due back on campus from break between 3 and 7pm (unless they are on one of the buses which arrive a bit later) on Monday 11/26.

If you have any updates or issues with transportation around the upcoming break, please let me or your child’s advisor know.  Over breaks, there is always someone available if an emergency comes up and you need to reach us.  Please call the main school number (603-444-2928) during regular non-holiday business hours and the AOD phone (603-616-1528) at other times or if you don’t reach someone at school.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

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