Family Newsletter 3/8/13

This week’s Family Newsletter from Assistant Head of School Nate Snow!
Hi WMS Families,

Here is this weekend’s schedule!
Just a quick update this week as we prepare to head out on Field Courses.  Groups have met twice this week to go over gear and equipment as well as beginning the academic work of these amazingly diverse experiential courses.  The first courses depart tomorrow and the remainder will leave first thing Monday morning.  Attached you will find basic itineraries and emergency contact information for each of the courses.  Most courses require that students not bring cell phones or computers so they will likely be out of touch for the week (as they are adolescents I recognize that, for many parents, this will not seem any different).  If you need to contact your child in case of emergency, the best method is to contact the school first (603-444-2928 during business hours or 603-616-1528 outside those hours).  Since groups are in the field, they may not be immediately reachable and many leaders will have their phones off.  We do ask that every trip carry a phone and that it is checked at least once a day.
Many of you have made arrangements to meet/pick-up students outside of our normal times/locations because of where your child is going on Field Course.  Please communicate directly with the leaders about these arrangements.  Beyond that, most students will return to campus around 3pm on Friday, March 15th.  They are able to leave for break once they have returned to campus and completed all Field Course-related requirements (think pot washing and gear hanging).  Students taking our bus to the airport or the Concord Coach bus to Boston will leave first thing Saturday morning.  Dorms close for the break at noon on Saturday.
We have reminded students to bring as much winter gear and equipment home as possible.  This is always very helpful.  It is also important to remember to return with any gear and equipment they may need for spring sports.  Our spring sports schedule is up on the website and the paper schedule will be available when students return.
Students should return to campus on Monday, April 1st between 3-7pm (unless on our bus or the Concord Coach bus).  As faculty are in meetings this day, it is difficult to accommodate early arrivals.  As always, we are available over break if need be (at the same numbers as above).  Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or anything comes up.


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