Family Newsletter 9/13/13

This week’s Family Newsletter from Assistant Head of School Nate Snow!

Hi WMS Families,

I hope that this weekend’s update (we’ll call it the “lots of attachments” version) finds you well.  It has been a wild weather week here on campus, with rather raucous thunderstorms and heavy rain rolling through over the past few days.  We hope that today’s rain, as predicted, will usher in some cooler and drier weather for the weekend.
Our first full week of school was a productive one here on campus.  Classes really began getting into the heart of their work, our soccer teams had their first games and we enter this weekend with our first Project Block (A) of the year.  Last weekend’s Community Weekend was a wonderful event.  It was amazing to see all of the spirit and engagement from all of our students (and more than a few faculty as well).  We have posted a lot of photos from the festivities on the WMS Picasa page.
This week, students were presented with the options for the upcoming Field Courses and have been signing up with their advisor.  I have attached the course descriptions to this email so you all can see what the choices are.  It is an amazingly diverse group of experiential academic offerings and students are really excited about these opportunities.  You can check with your child’s advisor or with Ted Teegarden if you have any questions about the courses.  A reminder that Field Courses run from September 30 – October 4 and all students will be off campus during that time.  A few courses may have an earlier departure or a later return, and leaders will be in touch specifically if your child is on one of those courses.
Also on the horizon is our Fall Family Weekend.  We are vey much looking forward to welcoming many of you to campus on October 11-12 for this event.  We love having the chance to share your child’s growth and successes (and perhaps the occasional struggle) with you in person. I have also attached a schedule for Family Weekend that includes a registration form. The form can be returned to Sheena Sullivan in the main office via email ( or by fax (603-616-1258).  Sheena is the guru of all things Family Weekend, so if you have any questions about the schedule, that’s a great place to start!
As part of our comprehensive concussion management plan, each of our students underwent ImPACT pre-concussion baseline testing during sports this week.  This ‘test’, which is really just a series of games and puzzles, will allow our partner providers at the Alpine Clinic and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center to better diagnose and treat any potential concussion or head injury.  This test is currently in use in all of the major sports leagues, as well as thousands of colleges and high schools across the country.  We are excited about its implementation here at WMS and the fact that we are using it to support all of our students.  If you have any questions about this, please let me or Laura know.
I mentioned last week that I would provide some guidance this week on finding useful information in the My WMS portal.  I think I’ll push that update to next week as there is still limited data from teachers on the assignment pages since the semester is so new.  Hopefully, you have had a chance to log in and check this out and, in the meantime, if you have any questions about this, feel free to let me know.
As always, have a great weekend!  If you are nearby, feel free to stop by and support our soccer teams who both host their first home games tomorrow afternoon (weather permitting).  

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