Happy Tuition Freedom Day!

WMS celebrates Tuition Freedom Day and gives thanks for its amazing donors!
When someone gives to WMS, that gift has immediate, amazing impact. It champions the principles and initiatives that we hold dear, such as our commitment to well-rounded education, unique outdoor experiences and sustainability. And while WMS is thankful for its wonderful donors on every day of the year, there’s no better day to acknowledge the generosity of our friends, parents and alumnae/i than Tuition Freedom Day.

What is Tuition Freedom Day? It’s the day that represents the point at which students’ tuition dollars run out and the remainder of the year is paid for by donations made to the School. We celebrate Tuition Freedom Day to increase awareness among the student body of the amazing work and contributions of our incredible supporters.

15% of our working budget for the school year is paid in donations made by alumnae/i , by trustees, by friends of the school and by parents and grandparents of students past and current. Today is the day that the equipment our students use during chemistry labs, the food they eat in our dining hall, the gear they use while climbing Artists’ Bluff or playing lacrosse and the salaries used to employ their dedicated teachers and coaches are paid for not by the students’ tuitions, but by you.

So, thank you, WMS donors, for all that you do. Thank you for supporting WMS and making our one-of-a-kind, engaging educational experience possible for our students.

If you haven’t already given to the WMS Annual Fund, consider a gift today!

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