International Women’s Day

Today, WMS honors its tradition of educating young women by celebrating International Women’s Day. As we speak, WMS students and faculty are out canvassing the world during Spring Field Course week. There are adventures to be had and there is exploring to do. Here, four WMS students share their thoughts on the opportunities available to them at WMS.

Join us in celebrating women’s education with your gift to the Annual Fund. Watch the video, see the appeal letter and make your donation on the International Women’s Day page on our website. Marlon, Maria, Tessa, and Djenebou have a message to share with you. Like what they have to say? Share their stories on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with your friends.


international financial aid

Thank you to Marlon ’19, Maria ’18, Tessa ’16, Djenebou ’19 and Bupe ’07 ¬†for their help with our International Women’s Day project!

WMS Girls are not afarid


exploring new things

learned that I can share my opinions

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