It is in the Ethos of this Place

Associate Director of Admission Linda D’Arco reflects on her first year at WMS, talks about amazing interactions with our students, and talks about some exciting new developments in WMS’s online presence!
by Linda D’Arco, Associate Director of Admission

We talk often at The White Mountain School about helping our students follow their passions. We push them to take risks, to test themselves, to deal with adversity in the pursuit of new knowledge, and we support them and give them the time and resources they need to do what many people can’t imagine high school students doing. They lead field course expeditions, conduct original research and, most importantly, live full lives at a school that they know to be their own greater family. I am impressed every day by the extent of student experiences at WMS.

One thing has become abundantly clear to me in my first year at WMS: this attention to growth and freedom to discover and explore extends to all members of the community, not just our students. It is in the ethos of this place. Teachers and administrators participate in a robust cycle of professional development opportunities where they look at current research in education and dig deep into conversations about applying new methods of teaching and learning in their courses. They participate in classes and summer workshops themselves, and they teach each other their own best practices. 

I taught art and design for the last ten years at two different schools, prior to our move to WMS. My single greatest fear about a career change was that, in moving to an administrative office, I would lose that daily zest that makes teaching so energizing. But what I’ve found here is that there is a palpable excitement that comes with working at WMS, no matter where your desk is. You are guaranteed close, genuine relationships with all members of the community. You are guaranteed to feel the community-wide drive toward collective advancement.

The challenge and excitement in coming to school each day, for me, has been learning to take my love for and experience in design and translate it into marketing strategies for our admission office and our school. I scour educational social marketing blogs, talk with friends in admission at other schools for tips, and spend a good deal of time working with beautiful photos of our students, teachers, and campus. I work as closely with our students as I can, by coaching, dorm parenting, and teaching an after school program in digital art and graphic design. Finding ways to accurately demonstrate my love for these people and this place is both an honor and a wonderful daily test. 

So stay tuned, we are busy, and we have so much to share with you!

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