Like the Gardener

Some thoughts from the Admission Office

Some thoughts from the Admission Office
By Allison Kimmerle, Director of Admission


At this time of the year, some admission officers discover that they feel a kinship to gardeners and farmers that they might never have imagined. Anyone who spends time in the garden is likely to agree that this analogy is not so far-fetched.

Like a gardener or farmer our “seed catalog” is our applicant pool. We discuss, study, interview and compare in an effort to find the right students, ones who will thrive in our “garden,” The White Mountain School. We work like crazy during the fall and spring to bring in the best candidates we can. Will all those efforts be fruitful? And how about the yield… if we tend attentively and carefully will our efforts be rewarded?

Truly, I never intended to write my reflections on our admission efforts using such a far-fetched analogy. But the other evening, as I weeded and tended and wondered about the ultimate results of all my own seasonal efforts in my actual garden, I was struck by the connection between what I do for fun in the garden and what I have done professionally for almost 12 years. Interestingly enough, all my staff members are gardeners to some degree. Could there truly be a connection? I’ll leave it to them to decide.

My colleagues and I are thrilled to welcome the wonderful new crop of WMS students who will begin to trickle onto the campus in a couple of weeks. Students from Croatia, Germany, Texas, Canada, Maine, Vermont, China, New York, Ethiopia, France, and Colorado (just to name a few home locations) with interests and talents we look forward to encouraging and experiencing. We are excited that each of these new enrollees see a means to their goals here at WMS…so do we. Just as that gardener beams with excited anticipation at the prospective bounty that will come from his efforts, so too does the admission office look forward to the wonderful and numerous contributions of our incoming new students. Here’s to a productive admission season and to a wonderful 2011-12 school year!

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