Math Meets Art

What does a teacher do with 11 freshman and sophomore geometry students and a 3 ½ hour class on a sunny Saturday morning? Hart Webb answered with, “something different!”

During last weekend’s project block, Hart challenged her Geometry class to “explore the connections between art, nature, and geometry by creating natural pieces of art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.” First, Hart introduced her class to Andrew Goldsworthy’s work, artistic philosophy and his emphasis on using natural materials from the place in which he is working. Hart then asked her students to create their own natural art installation outside incorporating either reflectional or rotational symmetry. After creating their pieces, students wrote a short reflection describing their installation, the materials that they used, the process of creating it, its symmetry (rotational or reflectional), and how it related to geometry.

You can see photographs of the students’ projects here. 
You can learn more about Andrew Goldsworthy’s work, at his website.

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