Meet Aliah Connolly ’17

Linda D’Arco and Aliah Connolly

What are your proudest accomplishments at WMS? Where’s your favorite place on campus? What’s the best dining hall meal?
We asked sophomore Aliah Connolly some questions about life and learning at WMS. Read on for her answers.

Where are you from?
Albany Township, Maine.

How did you find your way to WMS?
I was looking for a college prep school, and my mom was familiar with the school so I applied along with a few other New England prep schools. I chose WMS due to the location, its appreciation and love for the outdoors, and the welcoming community that I knew would support me for who I am and my goals.

Describe your transition to WMS (and living at boarding school, if you are a boarding student).
My transition to WMS was very smooth. The community is so welcoming, and I felt the teachers really tried to make a personal connection with me. My advisor at the time, Megan Killigrew, was a big part of my transition, checking in on me and making it clear that she was there for anything I needed.

What classes are you taking this fall?
This fall semester I am taking, Geometry, Spanish II, World History II, Photography, Chemistry, and European Literature.

What activities do you do outside of classes?
Outside of class, I am on the girls soccer team, girls lacrosse team, and the snowboard team.

What is your favorite activity and why do you love it?
My two favorite activities are soccer and snowboarding. Soccer has always been one of my favorite sports, and the team here is so fun! I love the girls I play with and always look forward to our games together. Snowboarding is also one of my favorite activities. With the mountains just a few minutes drive away, being a part of the snowboard team is so convenient and fun!

Best dining hall item or meal?
Definitely taco day.

Where is your favorite place on campus?
Hoods Hill. In the spring and fall it is always a great place to do your homework or take a nap. And in the winter we turn it into a mini snowboard/ski park!

What are the most special characteristics of our School?
The community and atmosphere are some of the most special characteristics of our School. I think it’s rare to find such a strong school community that is so welcoming to everyone. I also think it’s rare to go to a school so focused on academics and college acceptances, that also feels comfortable.

Who finds success at WMS? What is your advice for incoming students?
Everyone can find success at WMS. I feel this school caters to everyone and their needs/interests. I encourage incoming students to try things they have never tried and not be afraid to push themselves in every aspect.

What have you learned about yourself at WMS?
I’ve learned that I have a lot more potential than I thought I had before I came here.

What are you going to miss the most about WMS when you move on to college?
The location. I love being in the mountains!

What are your plans/hopes for the future? Have any opportunities at WMS helped form those plans and what were they?
I am still looking into my options for the future, but WMS has definitely inspired me to look at every aspect of what my life could be in the future.

Proudest accomplishment at WMS:

Last year we were undefeated in our soccer season, and then we won the Lakes Region snowboard championship in the girls division!

Thank you and good luck this year, Aliah!

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