Meet Arlene Alvarado ’17

“I love lacrosse and soccer. I love playing team sports and love all the girls on my teams.” We asked Admission Ambassador and junior, Arlene Alvarado some questions about life and learning at WMS. Read on for her answers.
How did you find your way to WMS?
Some of my fellow classmates from Indian Mountain School had also come to WMS.


Describe your transition to WMS.
I lived at a boarding school before WMS. (Arlene was a boarding student at IMS in Lakeville, CT.) But, when I got here I felt very welcomed and made friends instantly.


What classes are you taking this fall?
I’m taking English III, pre-calculus, physics, U.S history, French, AP Human Geography, and Voice Ensemble.


What activities do you do outside of classes?
I play soccer, basketball and lacrosse. I am also a member of Diversity Club. I also like just hanging out with my friends. The student lounge in the McLane building is a great place for that. The community is one of the best characteristics of our School. Everyone respects each other and there’s a lot of love.


Who is your favorite teacher? What is your favorite class, or sport/activity and why?
I love all my teachers, they’re are all really nice and supportive. I love lacrosse and soccer. I love playing team sports and love all the girls on my teams.


Best dining hall item or meal?
Thanksgiving Dinner


What is your advice for incoming students?
Be open to trying new things because that’s how you meet new people.


What have you learned about yourself at WMS?
You have to be open to new experiences because you might find something you like.


What are you going to miss the most about WMS when you move on to college?
My friends, teachers and my advisor.


What are your plans/hopes for the future? 
I want to be a child physiologist. I feel like the LASR project will help me with that.


Proudest accomplishment at WMS:

My proudest accomplishment at WMS is becoming a proctor.

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