Meet Darius Borges ’16

Linda D’Arco and Darius Borges

What are the most special characteristics of our School? Who finds success at WMS? What is your advice for incoming students? 
Describe your transition to WMS.
We talked to senior Darius Borges about his experience at WMS. Read on for our interview.

Where are you from?
Trenton, New Jersey.

How did you find your way to WMS?
The NJSEEDS program recommended WMS to me. I knew I wanted a smaller school with a more personal approach.

Describe your transition to WMS (and living at boarding school, if you are a boarding student).
Originally I did not want to attend boarding school. However, the minute I stepped foot on campus I immediately felt welcomed. The admissions team did a wonderful job and Community Weekend really helped to incorporate all of the new students.

What classes are you taking this fall?
This fall I am taking:
AP Literature
Murder in Literature
Research Seminar
AP Human Geography

What activities do you do outside of classes?

Step Club
Diversity Club
School Judge

What is your favorite sport/activity and why do you love it?
My favorite sport other than soccer is skiing. Coming from New Jersey’s capital, I never even dreamed of being able to ski. I love the snow, and skiing is truly amazing.

Best dining hall item or meal?
Chicken and broccoli with white rice

Where is your favorite place on campus?
My favorite place on campus is the conference room because it is a quiet space where my friends and I can go to talk and relax.

What are the most special characteristics of our School?
Besides the community aspect, the most special characteristic in my opinion would be our ability to change and grow.

Who finds success at WMS? What is your advice for incoming students?
The person that utilizes all of the wonderful opportunities that WMS has to offer will find the most success. My advice is to take on leadership roles and partake in community service. A lot of schools do not offer nearly as many opportunities in both leadership and community service as those you’ll find at WMS. Take advantage of each and everything possible.

What have you learned about yourself at WMS?
I have learned how to work through stress to achieve great things. The only way to advance during rough times is to keep a positive attitude and work in a positive and productive way.

What are you going to miss the most about WMS when you move on to college?
The thing I will miss most is the region. There is no place quite like the White Mountains.

What are your plans/hopes for the future? Have any opportunities at WMS helped form those plans and what were they?
I hope to attend law school after college, thanks to the fact that the student body elected me to be their judge.

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