Meredith Kitfield Celebrates Long Trail Milestone

WMS faculty member, Meredith Kitfield, hikes 272 miles in celebration of the Long Trail’s 100th anniversary.

Meredith Kitfield Celebrates Long Trail Milestone

August 13, 2010 

An avid day hiker and occasional backpacker for much of her life, Meredith Kitfield, RN, the Director of Health Services at WMS, decided to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Long Trail in Vermont with gusto! As of this posting, Meredith is part way through her goal of solo hiking the entire Long Trail.  Here is what she emailed back to us from a recent stop at the “Green Mountain House”, a hostel in Manchester, VT.

This is my first long term backpacking trip and first time thru hiking. The Long Trail is celebrating its 100th year anniversary this summer having been created in 1910. The through hiking community is comprised of people from all walks of life and all ages. I’ve met 17 – 70 year olds hiking solo the Appalachian Trail and the Long Trail (both trails converge for 100 miles in Vermont). The hostel I am in as I write this email is “Green Mountain House” in Manchester, VT – a friendly affordable place for a break off the trail. I’ve hiked over 50 miles so far and my goal is at least 100 miles total by next Saturday. The Long Trail is 272 miles total from Mass to the Canadian border.
 My backpack is way too heavy so I am shedding stuff today and going lighter (getting it down from 35 pounds to 25 is the goal). Wesley, my son, is providing re-supplies at strategic places. He has been critical to my survival, as I do not want to hitchhike into towns like the other hikers do.  I will be off the trail on August 21st and will provide you with more stories then! 
See you all on Opening Day at WMS!
We wish you happy and safe travels, Meredith, and can’t wait to hear stories of your trip!
Note:  Meredith is hiking this 272 miles while carrying the WMS Health Services cell phone.  She wants to be available to parents who might have questions about the Health Packets they are filling out in preparation of their son/daughter’s arrival at WMS on August 30th.  Now that is dedication!

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