Orientation 2013

The students of WMS set off on their Orientation trips today!
Orientation at WMS is an exciting time. Simply put, Orientation gives students the initial tools they need to be successful at WMS. But the actual result of this experience is far more complex. It is often suggested that what happens on Orientation is “magic.” The power behind the “magic” is that Orientation trips break the ice quickly, allowing students to be themselves and learn to understand and value others while at the same time working together towards a common goal. My favorite parts of Orientation are the smiles and confidence I see on the faces of each student when they return.

— Ted Teegarden, Director of Outdoor Education

Everyone is back at The White Mountain School for another spectacular year, which can mean only one thing: it’s time for Orientation! Our annual three day Orientation trips throw students, new and returning, straight into the action, sending them off on amazing journeys where they will explore the White Mountains, make new friends, and gain confidence to start off the brand new year. This year’s Orientation trip options include:

Day Hiking: Pinkham Notch

Day Hiking: Franconia Notch

Rock Climbing: North Conway

Rock Climbing: Franconia Notch

Paddling: Lake Umbagog

Backpacking: Mount Washington

Road Biking

Whitewater Kayaking: Errol

Mountain Biking: Burke Mountain

Our students will return on Wednesday afternoon, a little grimy and a lot tired, but they’ll be returning with new friends, a wealth of new experience, and all the confidence they’ll need for another amazing year at The White Mountain School!

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