Research Project Presentations

WMS students and faculty have been enjoying the first semester’s Leadership, Service, Arts and Research (LASR) Project presentations this week. Here are just a few photos of students presenting their work in authentic inquiry to the school. So far, we’ve learned about original research on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Business Models for Independent Record Labels, Sports Psychology, Our Inner and Outer Selves, Ethics of Human Medical Experimentation, Chemistry in Ceramics Glazes, and the Affects of Fame on Individuals. More to come soon!

Kyle ’16 was an intern at an independent record label last summer. For his LASR project this fall, he researched and built a model for his own, future independent record label. Kyle wrote a mission statement, identified his company’s target market, and built out a full plan for staffing his company and finding new talent.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Resolution

Lai ’16 presented her research on and suggestions for a solution for the Israeli-Palestinain conflict.


First Semester LASR topics included:

-What are the ethical ramifications of human medical experimentation?

-How does music affect our mood?

-How and why is our inner world important?

-Which political party is better?

-How does fame impact people?

-How does sports psychology influence and benefit athletes across all levels of sports as it relates to mental disorders?

-Why are people of color subjugated and marginalized through political and economic systems, and social norms?

-Solutions for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

-How to create a successful independent record label?

-What is risk management and what does it mean to be prepared in the field of  outdoor recreation?-Can the concept of parallel universe be explained with modern physics?

-How do psychology and rock climbing relate to each other?

-The WMS pond ecosystem

-Chemistry of ceramic glazes

-Art therapy and education

-Medical Internship at LRH – ICU/ER

-Medical Internship at LRH – ICU/Maternity


Mao Mao ’16 (How and Why our Inner World is Important), Liz Moss (Coordinator of the LASR Project program), and Henry ’16 (Sports Psychology) are all smiles after their inquiry work presentations at Morning Meeting.

Tori ’17 (Chemistry in Ceramics Glazes), Darius ’17 (The Ethics of Human Medical Experimentation), and Edner ’17 (The Affects of Fame on Individuals)

Tim Breen, Ph.D. (Head of School), Julie Yates (Director of Development and Alumnae/i), and Shane MacElhiney (Dean of Academics) take a closer look at Tori’s glaze test tiles, now on display in the Great Hall.

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