Students in the Summer: Katherine Desimine ’15

Katherine Desimine ’15 has been spending her summer lending her considerable writing talent to the Hudson Reporter, where she’s written several articles on behalf of her local community, including one about her WMS experience.
For most teenagers, summer is the time to go on vacation and catch up on sleep. The students of The White Mountain School, however, are still hard at work in their own communities, taking the opportunity to learn new skills, gain new experiences, and work to better their home away from The White Mountains.

Katherine Desimine, class of 2015, has distinguished herself as a member of the WMS community. She is an excellent student, a recent inductee into the National Honor Society, and, over the course of the 2012-2013 academic year, got WMS’s student literary journal Ink and Paper up and running, presenting our community with a gorgeous journal featuring student prose, poetry, and artwork.

This summer, Katherine is devoting her considerable skills to a different journal. The Hudson Reporter supplies nine weekly newspapers all around her local Hudson County, New Jersey area. As an intern, she writes one or two articles a week on a variety of subjects, from a new energy grid to local high school graduations to area performers and musicians. She’s even written an article about her own personal White Mountain School experience. Katherine’s internship allows her unfettered access to the creation of a news article. She conducts her own interviews via phone, she takes notes, she selects quotes, she takes the pictures that accompany the story, and she writes the articles. She even works behind the scenes, learning formatting tricks of the newspaper trade.

Katherine is a fantastic young writer who credits WMS’s English program with teaching her to express her thoughts clearly and concisely in the pages of the Hudson Reporter. She also thanks history department chair Hiapo Emmons-Shaw, whose history classes instilled Katherine with strong note-taking skills, to the point of developing her own personal form of shorthand writing.

Her article on WMS is a great look at the variety available in the world of private boarding schools as well as a tribute to WMS’s authentic learning, warm and inviting community atmosphere and student freedom.

“Going to White Mountain gave me a lot of opportunities to do things and learn things I had never done before. We have field courses twice a year. I’ve been on trips to Maine and Boston to learn about community service, and this year I went to Washington D.C. to learn about the history of the feminist movement. I’ve hiked, rock climbed, canoed, sang the National Anthem with my a capella group at a baseball game, started a literary and art magazine, taught a Bollywood workshop, met students from Ethiopia, Kenya, Afghanistan, Germany, France, China and more, and had a chance to step way outside my comfort zone on more than a few occasions. I have had new experiences, met new people, learned new things (inside and outside of the classroom), and discovered, what seems to me, a completely different world from the one I used to live in.”

You can read more of Katherine’s articles at Hudson Reporter’s website.

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