Summer Story: Payge Emerson ’15

Senior Payge Emerson isn’t taking the summer for granted. Read more here about Payge’s summer as a “solo linguist” and the many other things that are keeping her busy.

Payge, a self-professed “language nerd,” has interests in just about any spoken language you can find. She’s fascinated by them, and you can just tell from talking to her that she will make good use of her foreign langauge study in the greater world in the not too distant future. She’s buckled down her studies this summer to compliment her work in Spanish at WMS during the school year, but she’s also spending time learning Hindi, Arabic and Turkish. A big part of her journey in language learning has been locating resources- books, websites, apps.-anything that might be of interest and assistance. She curates this collection of resources online as a blogger. Check out Payge’s blog, “LMNOPayge: Resources for the Solo Linguist” here.

Payge traces her interests in travel and language learning back to her very first plane trip, a trip that departed from The White Mountain School just a few short years ago. She had signed up for a community service-based Field Course in the Dominican Republic. She boarded that first plane ride with all of the fear and anxiety you might expect, but deplaned an adventurer, ready to take on every new experience. And then, just a few short months later, she was on her way to Thailand for another service-related trip. She is planning a trip this year to India.

So what keeps Payge busy this summer when she isn’t globe-trotting? Open mic nights at the Colonial theater in Bethlehem, NH, photography and artwork, projects, serving as a tour guide to prospective Whtie Mountain School families, and taking advantage of the great summer dance opportunities on campus through the Creative Edge Dance Studio.

Thank you, Payge, for sharing your “Summer Story” with us!
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