Ted Teegarden, Director of Outdoor Education: On Climbing in the Bugaboos

Ted says, “getting out and climbing on my own time is really important. You need to be inspired by your own projects outside of school, too.” Read more about Ted’s most recent expedition.
Ted, an American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) certified Rock Instructor, returned this month from a climbing expedition with his good friend, Chris Marshall, in eastern British Columbia.

“We planned this trip because we wanted to have an entirely new experience. We wanted to go some place exotic and different,” noted Ted. The Bugaboos in the Purcell Mountains were a perfect place for Ted and Chris to climb classic routes and experience some of the best climbs in North America. “The approaches to climbs required steep hiking and glacial travel, we slept above treeline, and enjoyed all aspects of being in a world-class alpine climbing area.”

Ted met his friend Chris at Prescott College in Arizona, where they were both students. Chris is now a professional ski and mountaineering guide in Washington and Idaho, but he’s also assisted White Mountain School students through Field Course work in northern Arizona. Read a recent article Chris wrote for the AMGA about mentorship and outdoor education here.

“There is a great bond in sharing a rope with someone,” says Ted. “You have to trust each other. You have make decisions for each other. Getting out and climbing with my best friend strengthened our relationship, but it also strengthened my relationship with climbing. It is a life sport— and I hope to be doing it for a very long time.”

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