The Heart of WMS Basketball

Ben Mirkin
Team work and hustle lie at the heart of our successful 2-year old basketball program.
By Ben Mirkin

Director of Summer Programs, Basketball Coach

White Mountain School Basketball has arrived and is gaining momentum! It all began two years ago with the dreams of a few students and a supportive faculty member, Nate Snow, assistant head of school. Nate listened to the boys’ request, heard their passionate determination and decided to make it happen. With the help of others, the students and Nate pulled together a boys’ team for the winter 2011 season and asked me to coach.

It was not easy that first year; we had a long way to go to become a real team. Last year we lost our first five games, but got closer with each one. Then we turned the corner and won 4 in a row to end the season! When all was said and done, we had formed a real White Mountain School boys basketball team that had pride in what we had accomplished. Yet, we knew our second season had the potential to be even better.

This year there was tons of excitement as the season approached. We worked hard in pre-season, complete with double session practices on Wednesdays and long hours in the gym throughout November and December. The result was a 3 game winning streak at the start of our season! We had a little rough patch, losing a few close games against strong teams, but recently the team has had great chemistry, amazing passing and stellar 3 point shooting. Although we are often shorter in stature than other teams, we have outrebounded and outrun recent opponents like New Hampton with our hustle and tenacity. This year we have pulled together the strengths of many individuals to create a very strong and enthusiastic White Mountain School Basketball team.

What do I love about coaching this team? It is all about the kids – as individuals and a group. We are diverse, with 9 Chinese players and 5 American players. These guys work well together with the Chinese showing the Americans some fancy moves and the Americans stressing the importance of good passing and team defense. These styles have melded to create a dynamic and fun team. These guys are proud of what they are doing and hold themselves and each other to high standards during every workout. Our team works together, passes well and out hustles other teams! It has been a pleasure to work with this fine group of young men and I look forward to a strong finish to the 2012 winter season.

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